OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant for flat owners or renters

At EV Installed, we specialise in bringing electric vehicle charging solutions to both commercial and residential customers, making the transition to electric vehicles easier than ever. Are you a resident in a flat or rental property and interested in making the switch to electric vehicles?

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) offers an opportunity for you to install EV charge points conveniently at your home for a reduced rate with the EV ChargePoint grant for flat owners or renters

What is the OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant for Flat Owners or Renters?

The government-backed OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant is designed to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by ensuring that EV owners have the support they may need to be able to charge at home. The grant offers financial support to flat owners and renters, ensuring that everyone has access to convenient charging solutions regardless of their living situation.

An EV ChargePoint grant is also available for landlords who can get up to 200 grants for residential properties and 100 for commercial properties each financial year. 

EV Chargepoint grant eligibility checklist:

To be eligible for the EV Chargepoint Grant, your installation must be carried out by an OZEV-approved chargepoint installer such as EV Installed, as well as meeting the following criteria:

You own and live in a flat (including flats bought through the shared ownership scheme), or you rent a residential property

Your property is in the UK

Your home has its own private off-street parking space

You own an eligible vehicle

This grant is for domestic properties only

The grant is only for existing properties; it cannot be used for new-builds

The parking must be suitable for a chargepoint installation

Benefits of the OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant

The OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant is your gateway to a cleaner, more cost-effective, and convenient way of driving. Join the electric vehicle revolution today and reap the rewards of a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Cost Savings: The OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant significantly reduces the financial burden of installing EV charging infrastructure at your residence. Enjoy substantial savings on the setup of your EV chargepoint, making electric vehicle ownership more accessible than ever

Convenience at Home: Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for public charging stations. With the grant, you can have your own EV ChargePoint conveniently located at your home, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle whenever it suits you

Environmental Impact: By taking advantage of this grant, you contribute to a greener future. Electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than traditional vehicles, helping reduce your carbon footprint and supporting cleaner air quality in your community

Increased Property Value: Installing an EV ChargePoint not only benefits your daily life but also enhances the value of your property. It’s an attractive feature for potential buyers or renters who are increasingly looking for EV charging options

Unlock Your EV Charging Future Today With The OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant

Ready to apply for the OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant and enjoy these fantastic benefits? Contact us at EV Charging Company, and we’ll support you in the process. Make the switch to electric vehicles and drive towards a brighter and more sustainable future!

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*Please note that grant details and eligibility criteria are subject to change. For the most current and up-to-date information regarding government grants, we recommend visiting the official government website.*

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